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Kilkerran Third Release

The Mitchel Glengyle distillery officially opened in 2004 and starting in 2009 released it’s first bottles, since then they have done a new release every year numbering them sequentially. The bottle I have today is their third release which makes it roughly 7 years old. It’s fairly exciting to know it’s still possible to open and maintain a new scotch distillery in this new millenium and I recommend you check out their story and timeline at the Kilkerran site.

Nose: A bit of roses, orange, charcoal, strawberries and some unknown scent that reminds me of walking near a creak bed in northern Idaho. I know that last one is a bit random but I really cannot place the final scent that this one gives off.

Palate: Peppers, cumin, honey, what I would imagine a monarch butterfly would taste like were you to eat it and a tiny pinch of cocoa.

Finish: A lengthly finish that focuses heavily on the peppers and a good bit of lasting heat.

Overall: 4 out of 10

The third release from Glengyle is not impressing me too much today, it focuses on flavors that don’t fit well with my palate, it almost seems like this one is infused with a pepper of some sort so if that’s your thing I would say try it, it’s just not sitting with me.

The Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year Old


The Macallan 10 year from their Fine Oak collection is my favorite Single Malt Scotch to date. Now with that strong of an opening statement I suppose I should elaborate on why I feel that way.

Nose: A very wooden nose with a thick maple syrup and brown sugar feeling, the weight of this one seems to almost pull your nose down to the drink itself, drawing you in as a warm hearth would in the cold of winter.

Palate: Very calm on the tongue with a mild heat and a thick body this Scotch goes down more smoothly than any I’ve tried yet. It has a pallor oak flavor reaching forward, a hint of berries, and a burning hum of a wasps wings.

Finish: A lengthly finish leaving most of it’s flavor then as it dies out you get a hint of dark chocolate.

Overall: 8 out of 10

Being a triple cask matured single malt from the Speyside region this scotch has seen the insides of European oak casks seasoned with sherry, American oak casks seasoned with Bourbon, and American oak casks seasoned also seasoned with Sherry. It’s a minimum 10 year and this scotch really feels like it has come of age. The taste it leaves you with is very mellow, very smooth, and of the ones I have tried so far (about eight) this one is the best.

Glenfiddich 12

Today I tried the Glenfiddich 12 year old which I picked up as part of a Glenfiddich sampler set at my local liquor emporium here in town.

Aged in American and Spanish oak casks for a minimum of 12 years this single malt has won a multitude of awards which can be seen here at the Glenfiddich site where they describe this particular scotch as having hints of oak, pear, butterscotch, cream, and malt all coming from one of the few remaining family owned distilleries in the Speyside region. So lets see what my newly born nose and taste buds think of this well renowned scotch.

Nose: Caramel, maple syrup, and a powerful but sneaky sense of apples yet I can’t seem to nail down the apple variety it reminds me of, sliding back and forth between Granny Smith and Red Delicious with little hints of a fresh ripe crab apple. The maple really hangs in there and revisits a lot throughout the experience.

Palate: Cereals, tabasco, and a little dry but with a lot of oak, I found the taste to be complex enough that it was hard to pinpoint exactly what it was that was hitting, oak seemed to overpower a lot of the other flavors at different points yet I think I will have to revisit this one once my senses have been matured through other tastings.

Finish: Medium to long and lingering but not with too much power, it’s finish is one of my favorite yet and I can see it going very well with a dark chocolate (which I enjoyed with some Glen Rothes Select Reserve just the other day).

Overall: 5 out of 10