Ardbeg 10 Year

The Ardbeg 10 Year, A renowned whiskey for its heavy use of peat and overall boldness of flavor. This is one scotch that is not to be sipped lying down, with its aggressive nature and wonderful smoothness is seems that you are nearly drinking the spirit of peat smoke itself. I hope to visit the Ardbeg distillery sometime soon as it looks to be a wonderful place full of rich history and dramatic Scottish island beauty.

Nose: An old log cabin and the back of a freshly washed pig, very welcoming like coming home to the smell of roast beef cooking away. Oak and peat are the main attraction here.

Palate: With the thickness of a cigar and the sweetness of a sugared beef jerky this scotch reminds me continually of meats with its great peated flavor, the smoke really tends to overwhelm this one unless you take the smallest of sips where it shows its delicacy.

Finish: Peat holds on strong and is reminiscent of a charred board sliding down your throat.

Overall: The above statements make it sound like I didn’t enjoy this one when in fact it is uniquely one of my favorites so far. With such a drastically different flavor than the ones I’ve had so far the Ardbeg seems to slam the needle of the smoke gauge so hard it breaks the glass. I highly recommend trying it.


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