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Peat: What’s the Limit?

If you enjoy a heavily peated Scotch as much as I then you understand the value peat has in the industry. This resource has a finite limit that I have always wondered about and shared a mild concern for. Recently one of my favorite whiskey blogs did some in depth research that like all things environmental would be good for us all to understand. If you’re curious then give it a read and gain a better perspective.

Every year, about 25 million tons of peat are harvested and burned, by individuals, power utilities, and companies of various kinds (including, but not limited to, distilleries). Another 14 million tons are used by farmers, landscapers, and gardeners to amend deficient soil. Peat keeps golf courses looking sharp. As massive as these numbers are, they amount to about 0.1 percent of the global peat resource. An additional 10 percent of the global resource has been lost to real-estate development and agriculture.

Read the entire article here and follow Slate for some great stories.


Lagavulin – Through the Eyes of Iain McArthur

A wonderful little video to share with you today of Iain McArthur sharing his views of the Lagavulin over the 40 years that he has worked at the distillery. Video embedded below, enjoy!